We are one of the only wealth management firms in Australia to have developed a comprehensive,
dedicated process to assist our clients in successfully preserving, creating and transferring wealth across generations.

Here's our promise.


we will....

  • relieve the burden of your wealth by helping you avoid making mistakes and losing money

  • help you use your money to inspire and motivate (not hinder) your children

  • help educate and prepare your children for the day when your wealth becomes their responsibility  

  • implement effective financial strategies to maximise returns across generations

  • create and communicate clear guidelines around money and avoid family disputes 

  • treat your wealth as a dynamic, ongoing concern so that it continues to serve the ever changing needs of your family 


so you will....

  • feel confident that you have a team of trusted advisers helping you manage your wealth

  • be clear on what is important to you and your family and how to use your money to support family members.

  • have a process for making decisions to avoid mistakes and family disputes

  • feel informed and confident about the future of your family and its wealth

The Family Wealth Pathway


It is often quoted that in 70% of cases wealth will be destroyed in a second generation, and 90% of family wealth will be destroyed by the third generation.


The main culprits? Lack of planning, lack of financial education, dissolution of funds into more pockets, investments and fees and the biggest enemy of all - family disputes. It is not only family wealth that is destroyed through misunderstandings and legal battles, but tragically many loving relationships are lost too.

The good news is, you can avoid that trap for your family.

The Family Wealth Pathway will prepare your family, not only to be responsible custodians of wealth, but to use it to maximise their own potential.  

The Journey


Our journey will encompass not only investments, estate planning, taxes and governance structures, but also next generation education, philanthropy and record storage. We'll take care of day-to-day administration, liaise closely with your broader advisory team (typically your accountant and lawyer), facilitate regular meetings, provide forecasts, set and implement financial strategies, measure and communicate results and we will be on call to assist with all of the financial opportunities and obstacles that might arise for your family along the way. 


Make it happen

We care about your family harmony and its financial wellbeing.

By design we work with a limited number of families for the long term. We see The Family Wealth Pathway as a true  partnership and expect to work closely with you and our family for years if not decades...so the right fit is important.


If you'd like references or to spend a few hours with us to get to know more about who we are and what we do then please contact us HERE. Information about our fees can found HERE.