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Frequently Asked Questions

1.I have received an email from Richard, what should I do now?

Richard will be in contact with you. But if you have any immediate concerns, please feel free to give Richard a call on his mobile.


2. What does this mean for me?


Initially you will see no change. Richard will be engaged by Absolute Wealth Advisers (AWA) and will continue on as your adviser with us. As part of your annual review we will introduce you to your new AWA adviser and Richard will work with you and us to help you make the move to AWA. Richard will continue to provide licensed advice as authorised by Paragem Pty Limited (ABN: 16 108 571 875, AFSL No. 297276)


3. What’s going to happen with my investments? Do I need to sell anything?

Please be assured, there will be no change whatsoever to your investment holdings. The only changes to your holdings that may be required will be discussed with you at your first meeting with AWA, which Richard will attend.

4. What if I don’t want to be a client of Absolute Wealth Advisers?


You always have choice. However, as your long-term adviser, and having taken all due consideration, Richard has recommended that you transition to us at Absolute Wealth Advisers. We are positive that with the careful transfer by Richard to AWA that you will have a beneficial and rewarding experience with us. However, you are of course free to pursue your own adviser. We would be grateful for the opportunity to speak with you first before you make any such move.


5. Who will be my new adviser?


Your new adviser will be either Paul Barrett or Stella Norberti. Richard has considered his client list and been instrumental in allocating each client to a either Paul or Stella based on a careful review on a client by client basis.


6. Why can’t I stay a client of Richard’s if he is staying with Absolute Wealth Advisers?


Richard’s long term goal is to retire. However his concern for his clients is such that he would prefer to defer immediate retirement in the short term to ensure that his clients feel well settled in their new home with Absolute Wealth Advisers. Once all his clients have been transferred successfully Richard will move on to pursue his future retirement goals.


7. What will change?


Initially, nothing. However, when we contact you for your annual review, you will be contacted by Absolute Wealth Advisers who will facilitate a meeting time with you, Richard and your new AWA adviser.


At that meeting you will have an opportunity to meet with (if you haven’t already done so) your new adviser. You will go through your usual annual review process, but we will also require you to review all the details that we have on file about you. This information would have come from Richard.


We will want to take this opportunity to ensure that it is correct and up to date. We will then step you through a risk profile process. We want to ensure that we have all the information we can about your circumstances so that we feel confident that our advice will be specific and targeted to your particular needs.


In order to establish an ongoing relationship with you as your adviser, we will then be required to provide to you a document called a Foundation Statement of Advice. This will summarise all the information that we have obtained from you at the meeting and provide a document of advice and recommendations based on your situation.


You will then be required to review and sign the document. This document will then form the basis of our ongoing relationship with you.


8. Will my fees change?

No.  At the first meeting with us we will step through exactly what your fees will be. Your fees and fee structure will stay the same for the initial 12 months. 

9. Can I have a face-to-face meeting with my new adviser?

Absolutely, yes.  If you would like to meet in person our offices are located at Level 26, 44 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000. 

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