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Terms of Business



Financial Services Guide provides details about:


  • Our licensee,

  • Absolute Wealth Advisers,

  • The services we are authorised to provide,

  • The financial planning process

  • How we charge for our services,

  • Any conflicts of interests we have

  • How you should deal with complaints you have with our services.


Privacy Policy provides information about how we deal with the information you provide us.


Service Proposal (we will email this to you after your first meeting) contains information about:


  • Your Current Financial Position

  • What you would like our help with

  • Our fees for the services we will provide you.


Terms of Business (this document) provides information about:


  • Important documents including how you can access them

  • Our Commitment to You

  • Your Commitment to Us

  • Information we need from you

  • How to terminate our services

  • What we are not liable for


Advice documents – if we provide personal financial product advice we will provide you with a written advice document titled “Statement of Advice”.  The advice document will describe our specific recommendations and how these will help you meet your needs and objectives as well as the costs for implementing them.  If you would like additional copies of these documents, please let us know and we will send them to you free of charge.


Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) – if we recommend a specific financial product in our advice, we will also provide a (PDS) which will provide further details of the recommended product including details of the fees payable for that particular product. 


Agreement and Payment Authority – if you would like to proceed with our services we ask you to please sign and return our Services Agreement and Payment Authority and Ezidebt Direct Debit Form.




As your Wealth Adviser, I commit to:


  • A relationship of trust, integrity, respect and honesty, where everything that is discussed in our relationship remains confidential between us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

  • Assisting you in designing the future you have always wanted.

  • Follow through on every action that we agree is my responsibility.

  • Encourage you to complete each action that we agree is your responsibility.

  • Being non-judgmental or prejudiced in our relationship.




As an Absolute Wealth Advisers client, you commit to:


  • A relationship of trust, integrity, respect and honesty.

  • Giving the financial planning process every opportunity to succeed. It is usual for it to take up to 12 months to devise, agree and implement all elements of your financial plan.

  • Making and keeping all appointments on time.

  • Ensuring payment of all fees are made on time and as agreed.

  • Following through on every action which we agree is your responsibility.

  • Giving me your honest and complete feedback so I can tailor my services to maximise your chances of success.


So that we may prepare relevant advice, you must provide us with as much details as possible about your financial situation now and what you hope to achieve in the future.


If you do not provide us with enough detail on your financial position, we must warn you that this lack of information could affect the accuracy of our recommendations.  This could ultimately affect and/or damage your chances of achieving your financial goals.



Either party can terminate this agreement at any time by providing a written notice of the intention to terminate to the other party. This will be effective from one month after the date of the written notice being received. 
Note that all or part of these services can be terminated.


If the Agreement is terminated, it does not affect:


  • Rights or obligations that have arisen before the termination notice;

  • Advice which was given before the termination; or

  • Fees and expenses incurred by us on your behalf that have accrued before the termination. 


If you terminate our services and we have recommended products that you have implemented, you must notify us of an alternative adviser.  If you have not appointed an alternative adviser, then where possible we will instruct the relevant product provider that all future communication should be sent direct to you.



We cannot accept liability for the following:


  • If you do not provide us with accurate and full details of your personal circumstances or fail to notify us of any changes to your personal circumstances, which then results in us preparing advice that is not relevant to your situation.

  • For investments not recommended by us.

  • For services provided by another party.

  • If you share information about our recommendations with someone else and they act on our advice without confirming whether it is relevant for their situation.

  • If you delay or fail to provide us with instructions to act.

  • If you act on information or discussions without receiving a formal Statement of Advice.

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