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 How do our clients feel about our service?

We feel grateful in saying a huge "Thanks" to Paul Barrett, Dean Holmes and their team at Absolute Wealth Advisers. Lynne and I are enjoying the journey of sound, engaging and open and honest advice, delivered in a caring, yet an accountable style, we love that. Their level of curiosity  is high, their language used in our discussions is simplified, so making it easy to build trust in their process and we really appreciated the time taken with empathy to truly understand us and our goals. If you're considering delegating to receive and implement simple and sound financial advice, get in touch with Paul or Dean. Wishing you continued success guys, you deserve it and thanks again for all your help!"  


Roger and Lynne have been clients of Absolute Wealth Advisers for 18 months

Roger Vertanne Pic.png

"Paul makes me feel like I am on top of my finances for the first time in my life.  I always dreaded meeting with accountants and my American bankers. With Paul, I am always happy to meet with him and hear what he has to say. He inspires confidence and comfort. In the past I would have felt vulnerable, overwhelmed and really uncomfortable talking about finances, but Paul is warm, accessible, highly competent, trustworthy and makes  the complex simple and accessible. If there are problems he always has a number of solutions to explore. He has a plan for the rest of my life and a plan to support my lifestyle. We are incredibly happy with his service and we feel like he has become a friend, not just a financial adviser."  


Jane and her adult sons have been clients of Absolute Wealth Advisors for the past 6 years. 


Jane ROthschild.png

"I wasn't just losing money; I was losing hair, friends and my sense-of-humour. Just prior to the GFC I'd gone 'all in' based on my stockbroker's 'advice'. I was tipping $80k+ p/a down the drain on interest on depreciating assets and a bowl of spaghetti would be a kind description of my financial mess. Paul gave me the advice and the confidence to start untangling the mess and focus back on where I (and my money) needed to be focused! My family and my money now sleep much better thanks to the help of Paul and the Absolute team."  


Ashton has been a client of Absolute Wealth Advisors for 10 years.

Ashton Bishop Pic.png

As the owner of a young business it was all started getting a little bit complicated on the financial side. Paul and the Absolute team been looking after my finances, have set up my personal structures and helped get my priorities straight and my business partners aligned during our shareholders negotiations. The best money I spent on advice this year was with Absolute.  


Jeff have been a client of Absolute Wealth Advisers for 10 years.


“Dean Holmes, and more latterly for us, Paul Barrett, are truly both cuts above all other financial planners and investment advisors that we have dealt with. He is clear thinking, across all aspects of investment options and mixes, succession planning, and at the same time a great teacher for me the client, and extremely personable. My wife and I consider Dean a friend, who goes that extra yard for us.”  

Ian and Margaret have been clients of Absolute Wealth Advisors for the past 8 years. .          

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