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Family Wealth Pathway

'On-call' financial concierge service for families with a net-wealth of $10 million to $100 million.

Transform lives across multiple generations

Transitioning wealth is intricate and complicated. Our wealth advisers understand the technical demands and the family dynamics involved and have the experience and knowledge to facilitate a smooth transfer of wealth across generations.


At Absolute Wealth Advisers, we help your family build healthy, empowered relationships with money and create a legacy of purpose, values and balance.

Foster unity and shared responsibility by getting the entire family onboard and considering each individual's priorities and aspirations.

Inspire all generations to pursue productive and fulfilled passions and educate them to make the most of their financial lives.

Establish clear money guidelines and implement a collaborative decision-making process to promote harmony and prevent misunderstandings within the family.

The Family Wealth Pathway Experience

The Family Wealth Pathway encompass not only investments, estate planning, taxes and governance structures, but also next generation education, philanthropy and record storage.


We'll take care of day-to-day administration, liaise closely with your broader advisory team (typically your accountant and lawyer), facilitate regular meetings, provide forecasts, set and implement financial strategies, measure and communicate results and we'll be on call to assist with all of the financial opportunities and obstacles that might arise for your family along the way. 

Step 1 our why


  • Our family story

  • Our family values

  • Our family purpose

  • Goals and timelines for the family money and for each individual

  • What we do and don’t do with family money

step 2 our wealth


  • What does our family (human) balance sheet look like?

  • What are our financial assets and liabilities?

  • How do we own our wealth for asset protection, tax flexibility and estate planning?

step 3 our decisions


  • Who in our family holds leadership roles. How do we choose them?

  • What external advisers do we need. How do we choose them?

  • What is the decision making process? How do we make personal versus financial decisions?

  • How regularly do we meet and what information do we need to make decisions?

  • How do we handle disagreements?

step 4 our future


  • Financial modelling to identify how the family meets each of its financial goals.

  • How much do we need for each goal, how should it be invested?

  • How do we spend family money and in what order of priority?

  • What are my opportunities and obligations to the family (how do I participate, what is expected of me)?

step 5 our expectations


  • What can I expect from the family wealth (benefits, education, communication)?

  • What are my opportunities and obligations to the family (how do I participate, what is expected of me)?

  • How do we resolve family disputes around money?

  • How do leadership roles and ownership of wealth transition between generations?

Exclusive 'On-call' Service

By design, we only work with a relatively small number of clients so we can devote a significant amount of time and attention to our relationship with you.


Maintaining an indepth knowledge of you, your family, your values and your financial landscape is a big part of our service. It allows us to be highly responsive and effective for you when you most need it.

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