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Wealth pathways with purpose

Does this sound familiar?

  • Time poor and tired of the day-to-day administrative burden of managing wealth.

  • Financially disorganised with assets that aren't structured tax-effectively.

  • Feeling uncertain about financial decision-making.

  • Navigating complex financial events such as the sale or purchase of a business, retrenchment, retirement or divorce.

  • Dealing with an inheritance and the myriad of emotions and financial decisions after the death of a loved one.

  • Working hard with no exit plan from a high-stress executive role.

  • Running a business with no end-game or succession plan.

  • Wrestling with the conundrum of how to use your wealth to help your kids thrive and not be ruined by it.

Through our proven and proprietary Wealth Pathways framework, we help high-net worth individuals and families who need direction and structure to optimise, grow and share their wealth.


Family Wealth Pathway

An on-call financial concierge service for families with a net wealth of $10 million to $100 million.


We help family members consciously build healthy, empowered relationships with money to stay united and pass on a legacy of prosperity and philanthropy to future generations.


Private Wealth Pathway

The Private Wealth Pathway is for individuals and couples with a net wealth from $1.5 million who want to successfully manage their wealth, primarily for themselves, during their lifetime.


You may still want to pass on the remainder to the next generation, but you're happy for your children or heirs to make their own decisions around wealth management when the time comes.

How We Help

Wealth rarely exists without some level of complexity. Our strength is in pulling together those complex components and simplifying them in a more manageable, understandable, and profitable way.


We build solid working relationships with your team of accounting and legal advisers to ensure a smooth and efficient flow of information in managing your affairs.

  • Clarifying financial + life goals
    Gain clarity, focus and direction around your financial goals and what you want out of life.
  • Structuring assets and minimising tax
    Safeguard yourself and your estate from legal risks, reduce your taxes by optimising the structure and ownership of your assets.
  • Estate planning and managing inheritance
    Transfer wealth responsibly and tax effectively, and make informed decisions about inheritance.
  • Selecting and managing investments
    We carefully research and create diversified portfolios to balance risk and return. For smaller superannuation portfolios, we suggest industry super funds. For larger ones and non-super portfolios, we recommend a mix of term deposits, diversified index and actively managed funds, and cash. We align your investments with your values, with environment, social and governance (ESG) factors prioritised if impact investing is important to you. We can also help with managing your own investments such as investment properties, employee share schemes and direct share portfolios.
  • Maximising super including SMSF
    Capitalise on the benefits of superannuation with the right fund, structure, investment options and contributions strategy.
  • Charitable giving
    We provide expertise in managing the financial and non-financial aspects of philanthropy and can assist with setting up charitable foundations and private ancillary funds.
  • Protecting against risks
    Protect your income, lifestyle and your family's future with appropriate and adequate insurance coverage.
  • Business succession planning
    Future proof your business with a plan and structure to transfer ownership and management responsibilities in the event of your retirement, illness or death.
  • Managing international assets and expat advice
    We have expertise in international asset management and taxation implications, specialising in US assets. We provide expatriate advice to safeguard your wealth and minimise tax while working overseas.
  • Planning for retirement
    Look ahead with complete confidence with a retirement strategy that is tax efficient, preserves wealth, and provides a sustainable income throughout your retirement years.

What to expect

This is a premium service with highly personalised advice.

Your wealth adviser is a true financial partner who will be across all aspects of your financial landscape and on call to help you make decisions.


We simplify technical and complicated financial information. We aren't fans of financial jargon and will present ideas clearly and in plain english.


Full administrative support.


Meetings to suit you.

Monthly, quarterly and annual catchups to monitor progress and assess goals.


A proven framework.

We’ve helped hundreds of high-net-worth individuals and families protect, grow and share their wealth.


We're a purpose led partner
We believe in responsible investing, which goes beyond simply integrating ESG factors and ethical considerations. We actively seek out investments that generate positive social and environmental outcomes for our clients.

What we're not

We're not a 'set and forget' service.
We stay up to date with changes in your life and the market to provide you with informed advice and opportunities.


We're not following the 'sexy money'.

We'll help you avoid making wealth destroying mistakes such as market timing and chasing last year's top-performing funds. We're in this with you for the long term and put wealth preservation before the thrill of quick and risky gains.


Our service is not suited for people looking for short-term or one-time advice.

Our Wealth Pathways are designed for those who are looking for a long-term relationship with a trusted financial team. We put in a lot of groundwork in order to get to know your financial world in extraordinary detail, so our advice is fine-tuned and optimised for you.

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