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Wealth management should be simple, predictable and calm, not a rollercoaster ride that makes your heart rate rise and blood pressure spike.


The Why of Absolute of Wealth

Absolute Wealth was founded on two core beliefs: that managing wealth shouldn't feel like a burden that causes individuals and families stress or conflict, and that money doesn't need to be over-engineered to get the desired results.


We've been in the trenches of the financial services industry for decades, learning from other people's mistakes so we can help you avoid them.


We aim to simplify the complex without sacrificing returns and be your trusted sounding board.


And we want to make our mums proud!


Paul Barrett

Co-Founder, Director, Wealth Adviser I love untangling a clients financial life and helping them understand how everything fits together. The "ah-ha" moments, when clients finally understand their financial strategies, and the sense of relief they feel when they know what they need to do to achieve their goals, is deeply rewarding. With a background in banking and experience overseeing complex finance deals, I've learned that money can often be over-engineered. Instead of chasing exciting ideas and big returns, I believe in a simple approach that achieves far better results. I offer a cool head in times of turmoil and believe in explaining financial strategies in a way you can understand, even when the structures and transactions are complex. Outside of work, I enjoy staying active with gym workouts, swimming, and hockey. I also value downtime with leisurely walks, coffee dates with my partner and friends, and binging my favourite shows. Giving back to the community is important to me. Before the pandemic, I volunteered at a homeless shelter once a week for four years. I'm also a director of a charity that raises funds to send architects to India to build small preschools for disadvantaged children. It's deeply fulfilling to know that our work matters and makes a difference in the lives of our staff and over 200 clients. Credentials Bachelor of Economics Masters in Business – Finance and a Diploma of Financial Planning Fellow Chartered Financial Planner with the Association of Financial Advisors Registered Tax (Financial) Adviser.


Dean Holmes

Co-Founder, Director I'm immensely proud of the streamlined business model we've created here at Absolute Wealth, which is all about the details, doing what's right, constant improvement, teamwork and compliance. And I love sharing what we've learned with other financial advisers to help them improve their services and reach more Australians who need advice. What I enjoy about what I do is helping clients feel confident about making the right decisions and seeing them make real progress over time. Investment portfolios and returns are the last thing I discuss with a client. I first understand a client's 'why' before we get into the 'what' and the 'how'. Investments need context, which is what you want to achieve, your values and how you want to live your life. It's personally rewarding to make a meaningful difference in the life of my clients and the broader financial planning community. I'm a keen runner, crossing the finish line in seven marathons to date. I love tinkering with technology and keeping up with the latest trends. There's never a dull moment juggling business and life with a young family, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Since co-founding Absolute Wealth with Paul in 2008, I've had the privilege of helping hundreds of clients and mentoring some of the most talented young professionals in the financial advice industry. Credentials Honours in Economics Diploma in Financial Planning. Held several positions on family boards of high net wealth family clients Directed teams of accountants and lawyers in managing family affair Business Coach


Stella Norberti

Co-Owner, Wealth Adviser Getting clients "retirement ready" is my specialty, helping my clients organise their money, structure their assets and confidently plan for their retirement years. I love seeing my clients ticking off everything they want to be, see and do and being their trusted adviser leading up to and in retirement. I'm a big believer that clarity and simplicity are key to financial success. My 'get ready for retirement' cash flow management system gives clients a framework to achieve their goals and the freedom to pursue their passions. Working with my clients through the Private Wealth Pathway is truly rewarding as I've got a front-row seat to watch them make real progress. Outside of work my three energetic kids keep me on my toes. Besides being their biggest cheerleader in various sports, I prioritise staying active myself with daily exercise and a weekly game of netball. Credentials Bachelor of Business in Financial Planning. Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning) • Diploma of Financial Planning • Registered Tax (Financial) Adviser • Kaplan – Self Managed Super Funds

Jan Humphries - Head of Advice Delivery

Jan Humphries

Head of Advice Delivery There's something truly special about helping people and seeing the difference it makes in their lives. You can often find me catching up with friends and family, going on long walks with my dogs, and even indulging in some gaming from time to time. Credentials Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) Bachelor of Commerce Master of Business Administration Currently in progress: Graduate Certificate of Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Kath Solis - Adviser Support Specialist

Kath Solis

Adviser Support Specialist I support Ross in handling client information, drafting and sending out terms of engagement and fee statements, preparing necessary documents for annual review, completing application forms, cashflow management and performing other administrative duties. What excites me about my role is the opportunity to make a significant impact by offering valuable assistance to our clients in achieving their financial goals. I love travelling with friends, going on road trips, trekking and never miss a chance to do karaoke with my family. Additionally, I find great joy in donating funds to support children's educational needs. I'm proud to be a member of a charitable group dedicated to making a positive difference in people's lives. Giving back and creating impact brings me a deep sense of fulfilment.

Lorraine Luna - Investment Specialist

Lorraine (Ren) Luna

Investment Specialist I execute trades on investments for our clients and then follow through with the necessary investment administration. I am involved in portfolio review and data management, prepare quarterly valuation reports and monitor our clients' investment performance. I take pride in being part of a team that makes our clients happy, and love learning investment strategies that I can apply in my personal life. Outside work, I like to indulge in my guilty pleasure of binge-watching Netflix or movies. I'm also an avid reader and love spending time at the beach. I believe in giving back to the community and often donate to local charities in the Philippines through VA Platinum and B1G1.


Chiza Ortiz

Paraplanner In my role, I specialize in the meticulous preparation of Statements of Advice. Collaborating closely with financial advisers, I conduct in-depth analysis and assessment of client data, aiding in the formulation of innovative solutions and strategies. Beyond my professional life, I relish indulging in a bit of binge-watching, immersing myself in series, and embarking on spontaneous adventures with friends and family—because let's face it, the unplanned ones are often the most enjoyable. One of my passions is a deep appreciation for Korean dramas and movies. Their unique plots and captivating storytelling never fail to captivate my imagination, making me an avid fan of this cinematic world.

Anthony McInnes - Associate Adviser

Anthony McInnes

Co-Owner, Wealth Adviser I'm a relatively new at Absolute Wealth, joining the team in 2021. I work closely with Paul, helping families navigate the challenges of intergenerational wealth from both the perspectives of parents and children. One of the things I enjoy most about my role is helping clients understand their options in a way that resonates with them, so they feel connected to the outcome and can confidently make decisions. I'm an early riser and love to keep active. I'm president of my hockey club and am also part of the mentoring programs at Sydney University and the University of Wollongong. When I'm not out and about, I love to read, try my hand at gardening and listen to podcasts to keep learning and exploring new ideas. Credentials Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) Bachelor of Science (Physics) Masters of Applied Finance Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning

James Natera - Adviser Support Specialist

James Natera

Advisor Support Specialist I work in Stella's team, preparing for annual reviews and managing client paperwork. I take pride in making sure everything is in order and up-to-date, so that our team can provide the best possible service to our clients. I really love the opportunity to interact with clients to help make their experience as smooth as possible. I love to travel and explore new places with family and friends. I also enjoy giving back to the community through various volunteer groups, whether it's donating goods to those in need or helping out at local events.

Geraldine Arcos - Adviser Support Specialist

Geraldine Arcos

Adviser Support Specialist I work closely with Paul and Ross in preparing client data paperwork for clients’ annual reviews, sending service proposals and engagement agreements for new clients, and booking meetings. In my role, I meticulously organise and analyse client data paperwork ensuring its completeness, accuracy, and review-ready. I understand the importance of attention to detail in this process to provide our clients with the best possible service. Outside of work, I enjoy engaging in activities that bring me joy and relaxation. Karaoke is one of my favorite pastimes, where I let loose and express myself through music. On quieter days, I find solace in curling up with my favorite Netflix series or movies. Cooking is another passion of mine. I love experimenting with various flavors and techniques, creating a delicious and wholesome meal for myself and my loved ones. Spending quality time with my family is also a priority for me as this strengthens our bonds and brings me immense joy.

Pinky Mae Sudio - Client Service Specialist

Pinky Mae Sudio

Investment Specialist My role involves managing quarterly and annual tax projects, including tax planning and reporting. I also handle document management and ensure that our email enquiries are answered promptly and efficiently. One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity to constantly learn and apply new skills to real-life situations. I enjoy cooking for my family, watching movies, and spending time with my kids. I'm a huge animal lover, especially when it comes to dogs and cats - even the stray ones! Whenever I come across them, I try to give them some food and have a little chat with them.

Danice Danielle Sotto - Client Service Specialist

​Danice Sotto

Client Service Specialist As our clients' primary point of contact, I manage all incoming communication and document handling. It's my responsibility to ensure that our clients are kept up-to-date with their accounts and any relevant information. One of the things I enjoy most about my job is the constant opportunity for learning and skill development. I like to unwind with a fun karaoke session or go out with friends. Walking is also a great way to clear my mind and de-stress. I'm also a registered nurse and a proud fur parent. Cooking is one of my favourite hobbies, and I love experimenting with new recipes in my free time.

Ross Marais

Ross Marais

Co-Owner, Wealth Adviser From a young age, I've always been drawn to helping people. And I've always been fascinated by human interaction, psychology, and behavioural economics/finance. That's why I ended up on this career path, where I help people simplify and systemise their financial life. I truly believe that when my clients have a solid financial foundation, they can live a more fulfilling life without being limited by financial worry. Through understanding the emotional side of money, I delve deep to understand the 'why' of people's financial decisions before I help them with the 'what' and 'how'. I want to empower my clients to make choices based on their dreams and ambitions rather than conforming to outside pressures. Beyond my role as a financial planner, I host a podcast and love to clear my mind by surfing and keeping active. Credentials: Bachelor of Commerce – Financial Planning, Statement of Attainment for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds Registered Tax (financial) Adviser.

Cherry Julienne Vasanta - Adviser Support Specialist

Cherry Julienne (CJ) Vasanta

Adviser Support Specialist I work closely with Paul and Anthony, preparing client data and paperwork for all of their clients' annual reviews. Another aspect of my job is sending engagement and fee disclosure statements to welcome new clients and preparing data for our Paraplanner. I may also reach out via email for signatures or to schedule meetings. In my free time, I enjoy running and mountaineering, as well as exploring new places. Giving back is also important to me, and I support organisations like Island Rescue and Base Camp Emergency Response Team. Music is a big part of my life, and I'm always on the lookout for hidden gems that aren't well-known. I also enjoy listening to podcasts to expand my knowledge on various topics.

Kathleen Kay Gelig - Insurance Specialist

Katy Gelig

Insurance Specialist I take care of the administrative side of implementing insurance advice. I assist with modelling insurance needs for our clients and prepare for insurance reviews. I also work with providers to get detailed insurance quotes and manage claims for our clients. It's important to me to have a good work-life balance. I love to cook and experiment with new recipes, and I'm always planning my next travel adventure.

Jolly Huerte - Senior Paraplanner

Jolly Huerte

Paraplanner I work closely with our financial advisers to develop a comprehensive financial plan that meets our client's needs. I gather and analyse the necessary data, discuss potential solutions with the adviser, and then prepare the Statement of Advice. One of the things I love about my job is the opportunity to learn more about finance, which I can then apply to my own life. In my free time, I enjoy watching TV series and movies and reading books. I also participate in B1G1 donations, which allow me to give back to the community and support local charities.

Plinky Osmena - Client Service Specialist

Plinky Osmena

Client Service Specialist Being a frontliner in my work, I genuinely love engaging with clients and providers. Whether it's through email or over the phone, I thrive on the opportunity to communicate with them. I find great joy in providing support, delivering exceptional service, and making a positive impact on their experience. I find immense joy in indulging in Korean drama series, immersing myself in their captivating narratives. Alongside this, my passion for photography allows me to capture and preserve the unseen beauty of ordinary landscapes and moments. I have a deep sense of curiosity that drives me to explore new places, experience different cultures, and broaden my horizons through travel.


Business For Good

As a BIG1 Business for Good, we incorporate purpose and meaning to our business through giving. Together, we are making a difference in the world by doing what we do every day.

By creating micro-giving impacts everyday, we believe that great things can be achieved.

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