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Absolute Wealth - Wealth management to build healthy, empowered relationships with money and create a legacy that lives on

Optimise, grow, protect and share wealth with purpose

Wealth management to build healthy, empowered relationships with money and create a legacy that lives on.

You take the responsibility of managing your wealth seriously.

BUT, you don't want the burden of dealing with the day-to-day administration, complex structures, tax and investments.


With the experienced Absolute Wealth team by your side, you'll clear space for yourself, have the confidence to focus on what truly matters and fortify your wealth for future generations.

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Be financially well-organised, take advantage of your opportunities and avoid wealth-damaging missteps.

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Streamline financial complexity with clarity, direction and a tax-effective structure for your wealth.

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Transfer your wealth responsibly to future generations and leave a legacy of purpose, values and balance.

Paul Barrett

Paul Barrett

Co-Founder, Director, Wealth Adviser

I love untangling clients finances and helping them understand how everything fits together. The "ah-ha" moments, when clients finally understand their financial strategies, and the sense of relief they feel when they know what they need to do to achieve their goals, is deeply rewarding.


With a background in banking and experience overseeing complex finance deals, I've learned that money can often be over-engineered. Instead of chasing exciting ideas and big returns, I believe in a simple approach that achieves far better results.


I offer a cool head in times of turmoil and believe in explaining financial strategies in a way you can understand, even when the structures and transactions are complex.


Outside of work, I enjoy staying active with gym workouts, swimming, and hockey. I also value downtime with leisurely walks, coffee dates with my partner and friends, and binging my favourite shows.


Giving back to the community is important to me. Before the pandemic, I volunteered at a homeless shelter once a week for four years. I'm also a director of a charity that raises funds to send architects to India to build small preschools for disadvantaged children.


It's deeply fulfilling to know that our work matters and makes a difference in the lives of our staff and over 200 clients.

We have been with Absolute Wealth for several years and can't recommend their services highly enough. A great team with detailed knowledge of all things to do with investments and long term wealth planning. As we have moved into retirement we have absolute confidence in the support we will get into the future.

Ross Harper

Simplifying the complex without compromising results

Wealth rarely exists without some level of complexity. Our strength is in pulling together those complex components and simplifying them in a more manageable, understandable, and profitable way.

We work alongside individuals, couples and families from a range of backgrounds.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, and caretakers of family wealth.




Building Generational Wealth

You want to build wealth that matters, have your financial t's crossed and i's dotted, and know that your money is working hard for your family. You want to help your kids chase their dreams and set them up for success while ensuring that your wealth is passed down thoughtfully and responsibly to the next generation. It's about creating a legacy that you can be proud of.

Managing An Inheritance

Receiving an inheritance can be a life-changing event, but it also comes with a lot of pressure. You want to make sure you're managing your newfound wealth wisely, so you can keep it growing and pass it on to your loved ones. But it's not just about the money - there's an emotional side to it too. You want to honour the legacy of the person who left you this gift, and make sure you're doing justice to their memory.



Gaining an



Life's Next

Planning For Life's Next Transition

You've worked hard to become financially self-sufficient, but you want want to transition to the next stage of life without the complexity of DIY'ing your finances. You're looking for a team you can trust to take care of the money side of things, so you can focus on what's important to you. You also want your investments to make a positive impact on society and the environment while knowing that your money will last the distance.

Rebuilding after a divorce

Life has a knack for surprising us with twists and turns, like divorce, that abruptly alter our path. At Absolute Wealth, we understand the challenges that arise during these difficult moments. With a steady hand and unwavering support, we help you navigate the unexpected and find composure in even the most stressful situations. Our aim is to provide you with a clear path forward, guiding you to embrace the next transition in your life.


after Divorce


Preserve your wealth and prosper.
Now and for generations.

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5 Worst Money Mistakes Wealthy People Make

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